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Patio Umbrella Lights

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Patio Umbrella Light Information

Just because the sun is set doesn't mean you have to end your backyard party or dinner. Light up your dinner guests and keep the party going when you add the elegance of Patio Umbrella Lights to your existing Patio Umbrella or Market Umbrella.

Umbrella lights offer just the right light to set the mood for any occasion. Patio umbrella lights provide a soft glow of light in any backyard setting.They are the most economical way to spruce up a dull backyard. Your family will enjoy the extended time under the stars and your guests will enjoy seeing your backyard in a whole other light.

The Globe Lights decorate and illuminate Porches & Patios, Party Tents and Gazebos, Trees or Large Shrubs, Ships or Boats.

When you purchase Patio Umbrella Lights for your patio umbrella, market umbrella or patio you add hours to the amount of time you can entertain. Shop our wide selection today.